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How This Music Licensing Organisation Regained Control of Its Oracle Estate and Support Costs Following an Audit

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This organisation licenses the recorded music of multiple performers and rightsholders to radios, music suppliers, and television broadcasters, as well as select digital media services.

The Problem

The  was overpaying for unusable licences following an Oracle audit, and needed to streamline its costs

The organisation was audited by Oracle, and it was determined that the organisation was under licensed. After much negotiation, Oracle waived the considerable fine it was threatening as a result of these licensing issues, but only if they agreed to purchase Fusion SaaS licences. In the face of such a sizeable and unexpected fine, they conceded to the offer. 

To add insult to injury, Oracle had bundled the Fusion licences and perpetual licences into one Customer Support Identifier (CSI). In doing so, their annual support and maintenance costs increased significantly, and the organisation found itself paying out more for support and maintenance over the years, than the original fine. 

They never adopted Oracle’s Fusion offering, and was stuck paying for unwanted licences which it could not remove without cancelling its perpetual licences altogether. The organisation sought to alleviate the financial strain that was tied to these unusable licences, without placing the rest of its Oracle estate in jeopardy.

The Solution

Support Revolution helped them to strip out unwanted licenses and make substantial cost savings on its support and maintenance bills

They engaged Support Revolution when the organisation came to understand that we could help free it from the ongoing cost of a past Oracle audit. Having been penalised by the mega-vendor, they engaged Support Revolution to take on the organisation’s existing licenses. We were quickly able to identify where the organisation had not been using Fusion licences and eliminated the unnecessary expenses of this shelfware. 

Support Revolution has more than 20 years’ experience working as an Oracle partner and has accumulated extensive knowledge to support all Oracle products, including those with limited alternatives to vendor support. More specifically, we were able to support their Oracle Configurator requirements which can only be taken on by a select number of support partners around the world. This helped them to feel at ease with our ability to meet all the organisation’s support needs as it sought to streamline its Oracle estate and the associated expense. 

Moving to third-party support enabled them to cease paying for its unused Fusion licenses and drastically reduce its annual support costs which, in turn, released a significant portion of IT budget back to the organisation. Now able to take a step back from the pressures of Oracle’s upgrade cycle and billing tactics,  the organisation was able to focus on its next steps while remaining fully supported by us. 

Since regaining control of its Oracle estate and making massive cost savings, they pursued the next stages of its digital transformation, and adopted newer technologies and applications when the timing and resources aligned with the organisation’s objectives.

The Benefits

Savings to reinvest into the organisation

No longer overpaying for Oracle Support and unnecessary software licences, they significantly reduced its annual support bills to generate fantastic cost savings. The organisation was finally able to remove the extra and costly licenses, while also improving the ROI of its Oracle estate by sticking with the current version of its system for as long as it continued to meet their business needs. Having reclaimed a large portion of its IT budget, they could reallocate these savings to pursue innovations and key development initiatives to propel the organisation forward.

A solid support partnership

Making the move to third-party support has not seen them compromise on the quality or integrity of the support it receives. Not only were we able to help them navigate and rectify its licensing issues, but our expertise meant we could support their more niche products, such as Oracle Configurator). Support Revolution prides itself on providing top tier support and delivering a dedicated incident resolution process. Working stringently to uphold our SLAs (one for response times and the other for resolution times), they can be assured that all support tickets are handled efficiently and effectively to mitigate ongoing critical issues and free up vital internal resources.

Regaining autonomy over IT roadmap

As we were able to relieve them of its cumbersome licensing costs – thanks to the tricky nature of Oracle’s contracts – the organisation was able to regain control of its IT estate. No longer stuck in the vendor’s upgrade cycle and having recovered a large portion of its IT budget and resources, the organisation was able to take a step back, assess its options in the aftermath of the Oracle audit, and consider carefully the future of its roadmap. And, because we don’t have de-support dates, the organisation was able to continue using its current system for a lesser cost, until a decision was made to move to a product that aligned with the future direction of the organisation.

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