How This UK Police Force Made Huge Savings on Its Oracle Support Bills by Moving to Support Revolution

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This organisation is responsible for law enforcement in a specific part of England.

The Problem

The organisation needed to reduce its Oracle estate to cut costs within a set time frame but Oracle wasn’t budging

This organisation was using a purely Oracle based estate with E-Business Suite 11.5.10 running on Oracle Databases. 

The Police Force was under increasing pressure to cut costs where it could, and as soon as possible. Their IT roadmap saw significant reductions in its budget, which meant it needed to enact cost-cutting exercises and quickly.

They realised that a significant portion of its IT spending was going to Oracle, so the organisation made the strategic decision to downsize its Oracle estate, releasing crucial funds. 

However, Oracle was obstinate, and negotiations with the mega-vendor were proving to be unsuccessful. Oracle wasn’t allowing them to reduce its usage, and certainly wasn’t going to lower its support fees, which meant that they needed to find an alternative solution – one which could free up budget without damaging the organisation in the short or long term.

The Solution

We moved them to Support Revolution for its Oracle Support and massively reduced its maintenance fees

They became aware of the savings we could unlock and decided to migrate across to our third-party support. 

As with all our transition processes, we worked closely with their teams to understand its estate. During our migratory process, we conducted a review of their existing Oracle estate, aiming to identify any possible shelf-ware or excess licensing that had accumulated over time. 

This service enabled us to remove any software that the organisation wasn’t using. We then applied a percentage discount to the software they had remaining. Considering the amount of software that wasn’t in use, this achieved huge cost savings for the organisation. 

We also trained their team on our processes and ensured a seamless handover of any ongoing issues, leaving nothing behind.

The Benefits

Millions in savings on support and hosting fees

Since joining us, we have been able to save them almost 90% in a three-year period compared to its previous vendor support bill. 

These incredible savings have already been reinvested back into the organisation and its future development, rather than needlessly going to Oracle and receiving very little in return.

Freedom from forced upgrades and price rises 

The organisation has also freed up future budgets by avoiding unnecessary technical upgrades and Oracle’s annual price rises. 

Being on third-party support means not having to keep up with Oracle’s upgrade schedule, so they can focus its time and funds towards what’s important to the organisation, while leaving the support of its systems and patching to us.

A more flexible solution

The organisation still gets to maintain the same familiar Oracle software to run its organisation; the difference is now the organisation has the ability to downsize more effectively. 

We’ve reinstated its flexibility when it comes to altering its estate, reworking its setup in line with its own requirements, not Oracle’s. They have regained control.

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