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How This Pottery Manufacturer Cut Costs and Expanded Its Estate While Using Third-Party Support From Support Revolution

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The organisation is an England-based organisation, producing high-quality tableware, cookware and serve-ware, with over 200 years’ experience and craftsmanship to its name.

The Problem

They wanted to cut its support costs while still expanding its Oracle platform and without upgrading

The organisation was using an Oracle estate to run its organisation, with Oracle Database 8i and E-Business Suite 11.5.10 applications. As part of its long-term objectives, they wanted to cut costs above all other priorities. 

It didn’t want to upgrade its systems because it had no need for the newest releases; plus, an upgrade to its legacy estate risked destabilising its setup. They also didn’t need to upgrade to access Oracle’s Premier Support and relevant security updates, because the organisation had no external-facing entities that needed to be kept secure. 

So, as part of its cost-cutting initiatives, they could immediately remove the need to upgrade from its roadmap, eliminating the cost and time involved to do so. But even though the organisation had no plans to upgrade, it still needed to lower costs, and it wanted to keep the option of working with Oracle and expanding its estate in the future. 

But how could they achieve this goal?

The Solution

We enabled the organisation to extend its legacy software’s lifespan while still negotiating with Oracle

We onboarded them to our support model, taking responsibility of any product fixes and maintenance needed and immediately lowering support costs by 50%. 

Since joining our third-party support model, however, their vendor relationship with Oracle hasn’t finished. The organisation has purchased additional licences from Oracle while receiving support from us, which has enabled the organisation to set up offices in different regions.

Its continued relationship with Oracle also meant that it could buy more licences during a merger, where they joined with another, similar organisation.

The organisation can still develop its Oracle estate to better suit its needs, even though it’s running old systems that aren’t covered by Oracle anymore.

Our third-party support has enabled them to continue using a familiar system that works, long past its “expiry date” – but its software isn’t static. The organisation is still getting new licences and new staff, meeting its requirements without having to upgrade at all.

The Benefits

Two strategic partnerships

The organisation has done what other organisation’s might think as impossible. It has continued to work with Oracle to develop its estate, even while it’s using our third-party support. 

Effectively, the organisation has the best of both worlds: it’s paying a greatly reduced rate on its support costs, but still has the flexibility and autonomy to expand its systems.

Stronger negotiating position

Being with us has also provided them with a stronger position when negotiating with Oracle. 

While supported by us, Oracle’s tactic of pushing upgrades is much less effective, meaning that when the organisation speaks to Oracle, it can focus purely on what benefits the organisation.

An unlimited estate lifetime

Our third-party support has effectively unlocked an unlimited lifetime for their software. We support its legacy products, even when Oracle no longer will, which means it can keep using software as long as it needs to. 

Switching to Support Revolution successfully removed the stresses of Oracle’s support end dates.

Investing in its future 

The organisation has received a saving of 50% compared to its previous support and maintenance fees. These savings, combined with its additional purchases from Oracle, have allowed them to better invest in its own future development.

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