How This PPE Retailer Reduced Its SAP Footprint and Received Critical Security Updates, While Saving Huge Sums on Their Support

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As industrial and manufacturing processes change to keep pace with the ever-evolving demands of an increasingly sophisticated consumer, this organisation has stayed at the forefront of the safety and maintenance.

The Problem

They were going through a period of change; new ownership and a management reshuffle brought a shift in focus as they began laying foundations for the future. As part of this process, a cost optimisation programme was launched with savings targets set across the organisation

At the same time, the IT team found themselves at a point of transition, the cost of support and maintenance for their on-premise SAP estate escalating, despite the systems being stable, and raising very few tickets, coupled with a desire to focus on SaaS products in the future. 

With some applications falling out of support with the vendor, they were faced with a dilemma. Doing nothing was not an option due to the need for vital security updates and payroll legislation patches, so they had to decide between costly upgrades to retain support or moving to a third-party provider.

The Solution

After conducting thorough due diligence, they partnered with Support Revolution for the support and maintenance of their SAP estate

Support Revolution engaged in detailed, consultative discussions with the team in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of what is important to them in terms of current needs and future plans. 

Through this engagement, and our history as an SAP Partner, we were able to give reassurance that our tailored support service would fit the bill, giving them back control of their systems and their costs.

The Benefits

By signing a multi-year agreement, with the built-in flexibility to reduce their SAP footprint over time, they can now press ahead with their SaaS projects knowing that they are in full control and can make decisions that are in the best interests of the organisation

Further to this, they will receive critical security and legislation updates and an industry leading SLA for both response and resolution. 

And to top it all off, they will save £1.6 million on their support costs which will contribute to both their ongoing transformation and their cost optimisation targets.

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