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How This Public Sector Partner Avoided an Unnecessary Upgrade While Continuing to Receive Critical Support for Oracle E-business Suite 12.0.6.

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This organisation is a trusted public sector partner of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), providing HR and Payroll, Finance, Procurement, and IT business services and specialist expertise.

The Problem

They needed annual payroll updates for their system but Oracle would not supply them

They were faced with 2 options, upgrade to a newer version or look at an alternative. 

Platform support from the manufacturer was due to cease and they needed patches to implement the software upgrades for the new tax year. 

In December, needing the patches live by the following April, Oracle told them that they were not going to supply the patches to them. They were stuck fast!

Knowing that Support Revolution supports all versions of Oracle’s products indefinitely, with no de-support dates, they got in contact to discuss available solutions.

The Solution

Getting started

Support Revolution’s payroll update service works with HMRC in the same way that other software vendors do. 

We build our own version of patches and provide these to customers. 

This is why the partnership between Support Revolution and the organisation was such an obvious fit. 

“Support Revolution invested time and effort into researching what our business needed. They created a project plan and tested everything for us. Having an advanced plan of the patches needed to remain compliant was helpful.” 

He continues, “working with Support Revolution was a low-risk solution for us. We had several face-to-face planning sessions with the people working on our project. Regular communication gave us peace of mind and positive working relationships between the teams involved.”

The Benefits

Smooth implementation

This is integral to any successful partnership. Even with the perfect solution, without a smooth implementation, projects can fall apart. 

They recognised our ability to adapt and be flexible to our customers’ diverse range of requirements. 

“The Support Revolution team were flexible and responsive to our changing needs,” said the employee, “when a key member of the team unexpectedly left during the project, Support Revolution really helped us through that transition which was fundamental in hitting our deadline and go live dates.” 

We had regular project meetings, with everybody being kept up to date on any progress. If any issues did occur, Support Revolution already knew about them. A member of their team supported us through the night to rectify a problem, even though it wasn’t their fault!” 

The team really valued the extra mile that Support Revolution went to ensure that the solution was delivered right first time. Implementation took place at a critical time for the organisation – financial year end – and it was vital that software updates were delivered smoothly to ensure that staff were paid with no disruptions.

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