How This Recruitment Organisation Avoided the Upgrade Cycle and Improved Its Support Model by Switching to Support Revolution

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This organisation is an international service organisation operating in four business segments: civil government, transport, defence and science. 

The Problem

The organisation wanted to cut costs and redistribute its Oracle and SAP estate to just one provider

This organisation is an IT consultancy firm, running SAP Applications on Oracle Databases. In order to simplify its contracts, they decided that it wanted to transition to a purely SAP-based estate, changing from Oracle Databases to SAP’s HANA platform. 

The organisation was aware that the transition would be a costly process, and it still needed to keep its Oracle Databases supported during the transitionary period. A transition could cause enough disruption by itself, so using unsupported databases would be an additional and unnecessary risk. 

They therefore needed to lower its existing support costs to save critical budget before the move to SAP. However, as to be expected, neither vendor would allow them to reduce its bill.

The Solution

We helped them save for its SAP project by cutting its Oracle support costs

The organisation, as service providers for the public sector, was working on transitioning multiple customers from one ERP system to another. Its customers – including some district and city councils – were being moved from Oracle to Agresso. 

During these transitions, they worked alongside Support Revolution. We provided support for the organisation’s the organisation was helping and cut those organisations’ maintenance fees by 50%. 

So when they needed to transition its estate and save money while doing it, it was already aware of a trusted support partner. 

Seeing how we had worked to move its customers, they chose us to help with its move too. 

We took over support for their Oracle Databases, immediately reducing its Oracle bill, and enabling the organisation more flexibility while it negotiated a new contract with SAP. 

With Support Revolution, the organisation was saving money while keeping supported, so it could prioritise and focus its efforts on its transition over to SAP HANA.

The Benefits

Helping organisations fund their development

The organisation used our third-party support model to its advantage, and greatly benefited from doing so. We significantly lowered its support fees, and the savings we helped unlock have been reinvested back into the organisation, to help fund the SAP HANA transition process.

Reducing unnecessary costs

Had the organisation not switched to us and moved over to SAP with its previous setup, then it would have had to continue to pay Oracle’s support fees until the process was finished. This would have been a wasted cost, as they required little in the way of support and would no longer use Oracle once the process ended. By using our third-party support during the transition, the organisation freed up budget that would have been lost. This can be put to better use.

A flexible support and security solution

By switching to Support Revolution, they gained access to our 24/7 services, with dedicated account managers and a support team. The organisation knows when to expect responses and resolutions thanks to our SLAs, and it can rely on our transparent reporting tools. They also took advantage of our improved security with a Cloud-based Trend Micro solution that enabled fast patching and security updates of its Oracle Databases.

A longstanding support partner

We helped them in realising the benefits we achieved for its customers. Through helping its customers, we demonstrated how our third-party support can help organisations in various situations, and they recognised us as a reliable support partner.

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