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How This Recruitment Organisation Avoided the Upgrade Cycle and Improved Its Support Model by Switching to Support Revolution

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With its leading commercial job site, this organisation depends on its IT infrastructure to ensure the smooth running of recruitment efforts for millions of customers.

The Problem

The organisation wanted to “freeze” its stable Oracle Databases and Applications to save on costly upgrades, but needed to remain supported and receive necessary legislative patches

The organisation was using Oracle Databases and running Oracle E-Business Suite on them, including financials, HR, and payroll. 

The team had decided that they didn’t want to upgrade their applications which ran on their databases. They wanted to keep their applications running on their current versions, maintaining a suite which they knew worked and was tailored to their systems and processes.

The organisation was also paying high support fees for these products despite the fact they were stable systems. And even though they had decided to sweat its existing assets, the organisation was under increasing pressure from Oracle to upgrade its applications.

The Solution

Our third-party support meant that they could keep its current setup and receive the patches they needed – for less than half the price

They had become aware of third-party support for Oracle and realised this was the answer to its problems. 

It followed its procurement process, investigating the options available, and evaluating each offering against its main criteria: pay less and avoid upgrades, but still receive BAU and legislative patches as needed. 

We worked closely with them to transition it from Oracle Support as quickly and as smoothly as possible. With our service in place, we provided them with the necessary legislative patches, which unlike Oracle were tailormade to suit their systems, and any customisations they had in place. 

Our dedicated service helped them manage payrolls for weekly, monthly, temporary and permanent staff, ensuring their systems remained compliant without any need to upgrade software.

The Benefits

Efficient and tailored legislative patching 

Their primary concern was that it still needed to receive support and legislative patches as normal, to keep its systems functioning and legally compliant. 

Support Revolution follows the same processes as ERP vendors for legislative patching; we receive the same updates from regulators and build our patches. The difference is that we work directly with our customers and provide only the patches they need, that fit perfectly with their setup.

Cost saving

We were able to save them more than 50% on its Oracle support and maintenance bills. They could then use these savings and reinvest them elsewhere in the organisation on more vital projects and developments.

Superior support services

Superior support services The  has gained access to superior support through dedicated account managers and SLAs, which is something it didn’t get with Oracle. It also has improved security with our Cloud-based Trend Micro solution that enables fast patching and security updates of its entire Oracle system.

A more flexible solution

The organisation has unlocked significant cost savings and stability by switching its ERP software support to us. 

This means they can keep the same familiar systems, continue receiving legislative patches, and avoid unwanted upgrades, all for a greatly reduced price with a high-quality service.

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