How This Sports Association Lowered Its Oracle Costs and Moved to a New ERP Provider With Support Revolution

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This organisation promotes a sport from new players to experts, based on the physical, social and mental rewards sports can provide.

The Problem

This association needed to cut costs to invest in its strategic development

The association was using Oracle Databases to run its applications and was closely analysing the value of its estate. Like most of Oracle’s customers, the association was expected to pay 17-22% of its licence fee for support with annual 4% price rises. 

It was becoming increasingly difficult to justify this cost, especially when considering how little use it was  getting from its software. 

A lot of their software and applications weren’t being used and had become shelf-ware, but regardless of usage, the organisation was still expected to pay the same amount for licensing and support. 

Oracle wouldn’t allow them to right-size their estate or reduce maintenance fees, so the organisation therefore decided on moving to Workday, a different ERP provider, and cutting costs by leaving Oracle entirely.

However, its projected migration across to Workday would still require a significant investment of budget. The organisation couldn’t cut costs to fund the transition away from Oracle, and it was still stuck paying for Oracle Support.

The Solution

Support Revolution enabled them to make the savings it needed and invest in its future

They recognised that third-party support was a perfect fit for its particular situation, and Support Revolution could provide the service it needed. 

We transitioned them from Oracle’s support services over to ours. During that transition – as standard for our onboarding process – we kept communication channels open so they knew which stage it was at, and we continued to move at a pace that suited the organisation. 

We also introduced its team to our support processes while we familiarised ourselves with its systems and the details of its established setup. 

This dedication to knowing their software meant that the onboarding process could be completed smoothly and seamlessly. 

Then, by changing support providers from Oracle to us, we cut the company’s maintenance costs by 50% straight away. This amazing reduction helped free up budget which would have otherwise been lost to Oracle. Immediately, it could reinvest what we had saved back into the organisation and its planned transition to Workday.

The Benefits

Reclaimed control of its IT roadmap

By switching over to us, the organisation is free from its vendor’s costly contract and can successfully reroute its IT roadmap to suit its needs, not its vendor’s. Support Revolution has provided the organisation with the flexibility to restructure its software estate and transition to an alternative, more suitable provider. 

Additionally, the association has escaped Oracle’s annual price rises. With the savings it’s made with us, the organisation is budgeting towards its own development and innovation, not Oracle’s.

Improved vendor-customer relationship

The organisation no longer has to accept Oracle’s restrictive business models. We appreciate all of our customers’ business objectives; for this organisation, we helped to achieve its goals of cost-cutting in order to budget towards changing ERP providers. 

Its success wouldn’t have been quite so easy to reach if they had stayed with its previous vendor.

Free from previous vendor’s business model

They saved 50% on its old costs across a three-year period, and no longer has to keep up with Oracle’s upgrade schedule. They can prioritise efforts and focus its team on what’s important to the organisation, leaving the support of its systems and patching to us.

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