How This Transport Organisation Improved Its ERP Flexibility and Saved Money by Switching To Support Revolution and Amazon Web Services

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This organisation is a provider of passenger transport services in Europe. It employs people across multiple European countries and delivers over 1 billion passenger journeys each year. Underpinning its operation is a range of systems that allow its services to run smoothly and accommodate market changes and different franchises.

The Problem

The organisation needed more flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing industry

The organisation was running up-to-date versions of its Oracle applications, hosted and supported by Oracle Managed Cloud Services (OMCS). As part of its ongoing business, They needed to modify its systems in line with franchise requirements; it needed the flexibility to scale up or down as it onboarded new franchises or removed franchises. 

However, Oracle Managed Cloud couldn’t provide the flexibility needed to do this and the support was too slow. In addition, they were transitioning services to SAP, which it couldn’t do efficiently while on Oracle Managed Cloud. In February 2018, they went to tender with a requirement to find a more suitable service provider by August 2018.

The Solution

Support Revolution gave them the flexibility it needed and saved on its support costs

The organisation was naturally seeking a service offer that reflected both its current and future needs. Support Revolution met these requirements and introduced additional cost savings through its unique support model. They chose us over alternatives because “you offered us more than we knew we needed.” 

By working closely with the team in person and understanding their processes, we were able to understand their pain points and create a specific transition plan that worked for them:

• Switching from Oracle Managed Cloud to AWS gave them more autonomy over their own systems as it gave them the flexibility needed to manage so many franchises

 • Transitioning the team to our support services and onboarding them onto our systems ensured a smooth handover of any ongoing issues

The Benefits

Tailored support 

We are committed to being responsive to our clients’ needs and our transparent reporting tools reassure them that we are consistently meeting our SLAs. More importantly, we believe close working relationships are the key to any success. In addition to providing them with 24/7 technical support, our dedicated account managers ensure that they have individual contacts to speak to; a more personal service than a standard help desk.

Flexible solution

The organisation continues to operate the same Oracle software to run its organisation. However, it can now scale more effectively and move to other applications should the need arise. This means more flexibility when adding new licences, removing shelf-ware, or flexing its data usage and Cloud requirements in line with its needs.

Efficient transition

In addition to switching its support from Oracle to Support Revolution, they also migrated its systems onto the Cloud with AWS. The team expected the process to be complex and frustrating but were surprised at how smooth the process was and how responsive we were to their needs – Support Revolution successfully managed the transition within a matter of months.

Contractual freedom

Support Revolution has enabled them to make significant cost savings, which will continue by avoiding unnecessary technical upgrades and annual price rises. Not having to adhere to an upgrade schedule also means that they can focus on what’s important to its organisation, leaving the support of its systems and patching to us.

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