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How This IT Services Organisation Made Significant Savings on Their Oracle Database Support During a Large Company Acquisition

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This organisation provides Spend Analytics, eSourcing, and Tail Spend Management solutions to procurement teams for global enterprises.

The Problem

This organisation wanted to consolidate their Oracle licenses during a transition period to prevent any overlap or bloating

By doing so they also hoped to reduce the cost of their annual support for the remaining licenses across multiple CSIs. 

Furthermore, their legacy database software was no longer receiving critical security and support, so needed a support partner to provide these services for a system that the vendor would no longer support. 

Without these critical security patches, they would have faced an increased risk of downtime and external threats to their systems. If they wanted to remain supported and continue receiving security upgrades they would have had to upgrade their systems at great cost, potentially meaning cutting back on operating staff to fund the upgrade.

The Solution

They needed to find a new support partner who would support their legacy databases, help them sweat any licenses they no longer needed because of the merger, and reduce their support costs in the process

With over 24 years’ experience supporting customers with their Oracle software, Support Revolution were in a prime position to support their transition. 

By moving to Support Revolution, who offer support for legacy Oracle Databases that the vendor no longer supports, they avoided paying double (possibly more) to Oracle for new licenses, kept their legacy systems supported, and would receive continuous security updates and patches to ensure their systems continued running with no interruption to business continuity.

The Benefits

By moving to Support Revolution, they had given themselves time to evaluate their IT estate and consolidate the licenses they actually need

They are also now supported on all versions of the software, avoiding the need for an unnecessary upgrade, and are now guaranteed a resolution time for any of the tickets they raise to Support Revolution’s service desk teams. 

These guarantees provide reassurance that their systems will be supported indefinitely and offer visibility on when any fixes will be completed. 

This is backed up by Support Revolution’s service credits promise that are issued if an SLA deadline is ever missed; however, these have never been issued as these deadlines have never been missed.

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