How to escape your Oracle ULA

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While an Oracle ULA may have seemed like a good idea at the time, the truth is they can be limiting, restrictive and costly for many organisations. In this guide we cover the details of a ULA and explain why it might not be the best solution for your organisation.

Handing in your notice to Oracle and SAP – your cancellation guide and template

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So you’ve decided to cancel your Oracle/SAP support contract, either supporting yourself in-house or working with a third-party provider like Support Revolution to save money. But what next? Many organisations wrongly assume that they just ignore the next invoice from Oracle/SAP, or that they can just send an email to their account/sales manager – but this is not the case! …

Your guide to ERP upgrades in the age of Cloud

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Organisations often tell us they feel pressured into the upgrade cycle to simply maintain their systems, or they are not getting the functionality from their systems their organisation needs to grow. So maybe its time for a change?

Your guide to Oracle and SAP Support’s dirty tricks

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The relationship Oracle and SAP have with their customers could never be described as equitable. Both companies have a reputation for using their size and market dominance to dictate the terms of product licensing and support contracts.

Thats why we’ve written this paper, to expose their common tricks and tactics, what you can do to avoid them!

Third-Party Support FAQs

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We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions about third-party support and our answers, so you have a comprehensive guide to switching to Support Revolution from Oracle or SAP Support.

If your organisation is unclear on your ERP support solution, then look no further…