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Outside of work, most of us are in the habit nowadays of always comparing our current service providers with available alternatives. For example, every time our car insurance contract renews, it’s best practice to check around with other plan providers. The same goes for gas and electricity bills, home insurance, etc, and it’s why there’s been such a rise in market-comparison websites in recent years.

It’s become a common practice because it’s how we ensure we’re getting the best possible plan while keeping our services cost-effective. Sticking with one provider forever will undoubtedly result in annual price rises and (usually) a stagnating service.

It’s essential to see whether you can get a better service; or at the very least, a better price.

This kind of research is important. Because, sometimes, the grass really is greener.

You should be comparing your support providers

Comparison websites mainly focus on everyday products and services, like the ones already mentioned: power, car insurance, home insurance, etc. But there is no Compare The Market or Go Compare equivalent for our service providers when we’re at work.

One of the best examples of this is when organisations are choosing between support providers for their software – many don’t realise they can use third-party providers and save a lot of money (and get superior service) – and nowhere is this more critical to explore than with Oracle and SAP.

Switch for a lower cost

Many software vendors, including Oracle and SAP, rely on their customers being complacent on sticking with their original support provider and not shopping around.

It can be too easy to accept a contract renewal and carry on paying either the same price, or usually a higher rate. We understand, almost everyone’s done it – that thought process of ‘just renew it for another year, I’ll take care of it later’.

But comparing the two is simple. And once you’ve made the switch, the benefits can be huge, and realised in a short amount of time. Our customers save at least 50% on their annual costs when moving from Oracle or SAP support to our services.

Switch for a better service

By switching to a third-party, the main thing that changes is simply who supplies your support. You will still receive the same service as you would from Oracle and SAP. You’ll receive issue fixes, security patches, legislative updates – all the things you need and expect from your support provider.

However, the key difference between the two is our third-party support can provide a better service. Using comparison websites will usually get you the same product but for less money; we strive to provide something even better than your vendors, and for less money.

As an example, we can provide security and legislative patches for product versions which Oracle and SAP have left unsupported. This also means that we don’t put pressure on our customers to upgrade to remain supported. With us, you could keep your current systems for as long as you need. We can also provide our patches faster than Oracle and SAP, with tailor-made updates which won’t interfere with any customisations you might have.

Plus, we can do all this and more, while cutting your original vendor cost by at least 50% – it’s our way of helping you save money, without compromises.

Don’t miss out – start your comparison today

Roughly fifteen years ago, when energy and insurance comparison websites were starting out, it was unheard of for people to switch their providers regularly. It seemed weird to us at the time, or a bit complicated, maybe even a little bit risky.

Now though, regularly comparing and switching providers is the best strategy – and it’s the same with changing your vendor support. It may not have been common practice before, but now experts like Gartner and Forrester are suggesting organisations should be actively considering alternative options, such as Support Revolution.

Not comparing and switching vendors means organisations are missing out on competitive advantages, and a way of funding their IT strategy.

Want to find out right now just how much you could save?