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Oracle E-Business Suite overview

Oracle E-Business Suite is one of Oracle’s core products. It’s a set of applications that can automate business processes within an organisation. Customers can choose which applications suit their needs the most, so most customers are running typical business management applications such as Financials and HCM (HR management). Then, the applications become much more specialised; manufacturers use Manufacturing, organisations with a lot of stock use Inventory, etc. It’s one of the most widely used products in their portfolio, despite acquisitions of big technology firms such as JD Edwards and Siebel.

The product is designed to help global organisations manage business operations and improve decision making.

The history of Oracle E-Business Suite

E-Business Suite started out as Oracle Financials in 1987. There have been many, many different releases for E-Business Suite since then, and the very latest version is 12.2.10. At first glance, it seems Oracle has endlessly innovated on E-Business Suite, but it turns out that the initial versions were full of errors and bugs that needed fixing. The only versions currently left in Premier Support are versions 12.1 and 12.2. The countless versions that have come before these are now in Sustaining Support, where customers pay more for less support.

Common problems with E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite has been around for a long time. While the latest version may fulfil the objectives of some customers, many organisations that deployed it several versions ago have had to modify it to suit their needs. These organisations have had to spend a lot of time and money in developing customisations and adding them to the product to make it work for them.

Oracle’s upgrade cycle affects every Oracle product, but none more so than E-Business Suite. Customers can either upgrade and have to check and potentially update all of their customisations or stay on their current version and drop onto Sustaining Support. The problem of the upgrade cycle is exacerbated on E-Business Suite, since there have been so many upgrades each of which cost millions and take many months to complete, with little or no ROI at the end.

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