Frequently Asked Questions

Moving across to third-party support provided by Support Revolution may sound too good to be true. Many organisations have questioned how the service really works. Here we outline some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) and provide the answers.

What products do you support?

We support Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Database (all options), SAP, SAP HANA, Hyperion, JD Edwards, Siebel, OBIEE, Primavera, PeopleSoft and all other Oracle software products.

What versions do you support?

We support all versions, including legacy versions! We currently support Oracle software from 8i and onwards, while on SAP, we support everything from R/3 to ECC5. We can support older versions if necessary – get in touch to see if we can support your software version!

What about upgrades?

Oracle and SAP de-support their products as new ones are released and force customers to upgrade to a supported version. These upgrades can be very costly and time consuming. With Support Revolution, there are no forced upgrades and we will support you on whatever versions you are running for as long as you wish.

Will I lose access to my software licences?

When you purchased Oracle or SAP licences, you almost certainly bought the licences ‘in perpetuity.’ This means that you own these licences and the right to use the software forever. The manufacturer then charged you for support and maintenance on these licences on an annual basis. This gives you the right to access the support service and any software updates. When moving to Support Revolution, you are simply choosing to have us provide your software support instead of the manufacturer.

Is it legal and what do Oracle and SAP think about it?

Yes, it is absolutely legal. We had some of the top legal brains assist us in compiling our service. Our customers include the Financial Conduct Authority, the National Audit Office, and the Bank of England. You can rest assured that these organisations evaluated us and decided that what we offer is compelling.

What about licence audits?

Manufacturers retain the right to audit a customer’s software at any time. We also insist that our customers are licensed appropriately for the software that they are using, but we do not do an official audit of your systems. We will provide commentary back to you during service transition if we believe that you are under (or over) licensed. You can then review this to arrive at the optimum configuration for your needs.

How do I give notice to Oracle?

If you wish to leave Oracle, in most cases, you just don’t pay the next support invoice that they send. If like most customers, you have a number of Oracle invoices throughout the year, then we will work with you to identify when is best to make the move.

How do I give notice to SAP?

Most SAP contracts renew at the end of December. You will probably need to give SAP 90 days’ notice. Therefore, you need to inform them by the end of September that you are moving away. However, all contracts are different so please check your specific terms and conditions.

Can I go back to Oracle or SAP in the future?

Absolutely. You are simply choosing to have another supplier provide software support and maintenance for you. If you want to go back to the manufacturer in the future, you can. You have purchased the licences in perpetuity and can choose to go back at any time.

What about support for customisations?

All customisations are supported within our contract, i.e. free of charge. We take the view that whether you created the customisations, one of your suppliers created them, or indeed the manufacturer’s staff, then if the customisations have been up-and-running for some time, they are stable. We make no differentiation between supporting these and supporting any other piece of code in the estate.

How will this work with an outsourced IT partner?

Many larger organisations have outsourced their IT support to a large systems integrator that then provides first and second-line support. The systems integrator refers complex issues on to the manufacturer (Oracle or SAP). For these customers, we simply replace the manufacturer in this relationship, i.e. the supplier raises these issues with us instead of with Oracle or SAP. We have lots of experience in working with most of the leading systems integrators.

What about Oracle or SAP Cloud solutions?

If you are thinking of moving to the Cloud or are in the process of doing so, then a service such as ours is ideal. We provide support for your legacy software for as long as you need it. This means that you do not need to upgrade this to stay supported while you move. We do have our own service where, if you wish, we can move your Oracle or SAP systems to the Amazon or Microsoft Cloud so you can access them from there.

What additional services do you offer?

We offer consulting, implementations, upgrades, managed services, Cloud hosting, DBA services, development services, training, and the whole range that you would expect from any systems integrator. Many of our customers start with us as a third-party support customer then ask us to host their systems, and do all of the associated services to manage and support them.

Are you on any frameworks so that public sector organisations can procure your services?

Yes, absolutely. Please contact us and we will gladly supply all the relevant details and links.