Guide: ERP security solutions

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In this guide, we discuss the issues surrounding traditional ERP security patching, comparing traditional patching methods with Support Revolution’s virtual patching solution. Traditional patching is an outdated method that leaves your systems at risk and costs a lot to implement.

Virtual patching secures your system straight away, and it’s much more affordable. Discover what options are available to your organisation this guide on ERP security solutions.

Security patching is essential to avoid cyber security issues, but it can often be a long process to implement patches.

Traditional patching is an outdated method that can cost a lot to implement and leave you unprotected.

Virtual patching protects your system in hours rather than months. It's quicker, easier, and much more safe.

Better, quicker, cheaper patching

Oracle and SAP regularly provide security patches for their current product versions to protect their customers from new security vulnerabilities as they arise. In the past, this approach was “best practice” but largely because it was the only choice.

But this method of security patching is hopelessly out of date! There’s a newer, better, and much more affordable solution that your organisation can benefit from. Download the guide below to discover what your options are.

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