Guide: Leaving SAP Support

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Why download this guide?

If you’re currently using SAP software and getting SAP Support for it, this guide might be worth a read.

In it, we discuss how and why you should take an SAP payment holiday (at the very least). There are all alternatives to SAP Support that are better and more affordable.

This guide also tells you how your organisation can save 50% on your SAP support and maintenance.

Finally, you’ll find frequently asked questions that we receive from organisations about taking an SAP holiday.

SAP offers DIY guides for issues raised. This isn't that far from Googling it yourself, and yet you're paying 22% of your licence fees for this!

Another element of SAP Support is unnecessary amounts of patches. This can take up your team's time, steering you away from innovation.

SAP tries to entice you with limited incentives in order to get you to stay. Break through this wall and start saving money today.

Don't blindly renew with SAP

Many SAP customers unthinkingly line up to renew their support contracts each year, but what if instead of yet another price increase, you could actually save 50% on your annual SAP support and maintenance?

You could improve your support partner relationship, improve your ERP security, and secure your ERP roadmap for the future by taking an SAP payment holiday.

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