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Guide: Avoiding Oracle and SAP's traps

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Why download this guide?

This guide explains exactly how your organisation can avoid being locked into Oracle and SAP contracts, including the annual price increases! There is a way for your organisation to get fast resolution to any issue. Whether it is a basic system error or a P1 incident. Your business deserves the best support possible. 
This same method will allow your organisation to be supported on any version, adding value back into any legacy systems or shelf ware you may have without having to undergo the expense of upgrades or migrations. 
Would a solution that fixes all of these issues be of interest to you? Download our guide to find out how your organisation can make the change. 

Oracle and SAP use confusion tactics to scare their customers into purchasing more licences or upgrading.

Oracle and SAP charge you 22% of your licence fees for support, and yet they do not offer customers any resolution SLAs.

The vendors make huge profits from support programs, but they invest in the Cloud rather than your "legacy" software.

Don't fall for vendor traps

The relationship Oracle and SAP have with their customers could never be described as equitable. Both companies have a reputation for using their size and market dominance to dictate the terms of product licensing and support contracts.

That’s why we’ve written this guide to expose their common traps and tactics, and show you what you can do to avoid them!
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