Guide: Third-party support FAQs

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Why download this guide?

The offering of third-party support poses several questions, how can we achieve these cost savings? How can we support end of life products? 

We’ve put together a guide with our FAQs to answer all of these questions organisations make before committing to third-party support. 

If your organisation is unclear on your Oracle/ SAP support solution, then look no further. Download the guide below and start your savings! 

You may now know what third-party support is, but now you have some burning questions that need answering. You'll find all the answers here.

Can third-party support really save me over 50% while providing a better quality service? Short answer: yes. Find out the full story below.

You may be wondering if it's even possible to use third-party support with the software you use. This guide features the products we support.

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