Is AWS about to take over the database market?

In this guide, we’ll analyse why Amazon really decided to take on the database market and, more specifically, Oracle. Oracle has dominated the database sector for over 20 years, forming some what of an ecosystem around Oracle products. The success of Oracle’s ERP solution gave the vendor easy access to the database market, by making its products only compatible with its own in-house database.  This tactical decision led to many organisations becoming ‘Oracle houses,’ focusing their teams around that partnership. However, Amazon has found three weaknesses in Oracle’s business model which have given Amazon access to break the ecosystem…

What's in this guide?

Customer Service

Oracle's customer service has never been something the vendor has been known for (at least, not in a positive light). This is where Amazon can really take over.​

Cost saving

High costs is probably the biggest complaint Oracle customers have. Bills constantly increase while support worsens. Amazon has covered this base too.

Contract restrictions

Locking customers into long, restrictive contracts is Oracle's forte. Luckily, Amazon has the insight to provide multiple, flexible options to customers.​

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