Your guide to ERP upgrades in the age of Cloud

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In this guide, we explain why you don’t need to put up with vendor support anymore. There are five main options available to your organisation when it comes to ERP upgrades (we outline all of these in this guide).

This guide provides an in-depth description of the impacts of each option – both the positives and the negatives – and examines how each option can impact the future of your ERP system.

An upgrade can come with many advantages, but the vendors often brush over the long list of problems that an upgrade can cause.

Vendors pressure organisations even though they do not want or need an upgrade; their systems are working perfectly fine.

What's worse is that many organisations are not aware of the effects of the 'Cloud lock-in' vendors like Oracle/SAP have created.

Stop the endless upgrade cycle

When it comes to your ERP system there are several things to consider: the cost, functionality, and availability of support, to name just a few. 

Organisations often tell us they feel pressured into the upgrade cycle to simply maintain their systems, or they are not getting the functionality from their systems their organisation needs to grow. So maybe its time for a change?

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