A template to hand in your notice to Oracle and SAP

With Oracle, you must cancel your auto renewal online, and it must be done at least 32 days before the renewal date. Then, you should send a formal letter to your Oracle account manager informing them of your decision. 

Like Oracle, SAP has an auto-renewal in place on its contracts. However, with SAP you must provide 90 days notice prior to your contracts renewal date. Unlike Oracle, it does not have any online portal to turn this off; you must send written notice.

These small details are made as pitfalls for organisations to miss their deadlines, as with all deadlines set by the vendors. Download our templates and guides to successfully hand your in your notice to Oracle/ SAP and begin your savings with Support Revolution!

What's in this guide?

Check your contract

Make sure you check all of the terms of your contract before cancelling, to ensure you're following the correct steps.

Get your template

Download this free and easy template to ensure you have included all of the information necessary to hand in your notice.

Save now

Now you've handed in your notice for Oracle/SAP Support, you can sign up to third-party support and start making cost savings immediately.

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