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How to escape your Oracle ULA

Many organisations consider entering ULAs, most commonly organisations experiencing periods of rapid growth. A discount is a rare thing from Oracle, especially when it comes to licensing, so why are organisations jumping into these long-term contracts? 

In this guide, we will highlight the reasons for and against an organisation choosing to look at an Oracle ULA, including the tricks and traps that allow for Oracle to offer a rare saving opportunity. 

What's in this guide?

Support Level

In an Oracle ULA, you are locked into a lower level of support with no resolution SLA. Support Revolution customers enjoy both a response and resolution SLA.​


An Oracle ULA can often oversell you licences which can never be refunded or used in subsequent ULAs. On top of that, you are still paying 22% of your licence fees for support!​


In ever-changing markets, an Oracle ULA locks you into a contract for years at a time. You are giving up your power to negotiate with Oracle and giving up control of your roadmap. ​

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