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SLAs: Are Oracle and SAP letting you down?

In this guide, we break down the Oracle and SAP SLA agreements and why you, as a customer, can expect more from a support partner. Are the vendors’ poor SLAs the reason support and maintenance has been a cash cow for the software giants for years? 

An SLA isn’t just a way of making sure a level of quality is upheld – it is the way trust is built between the provider and customer. So why do Oracle and SAP neglect their SLAs? Why do they only offer response SLAs and often ask customers to solve their own issues with self-help guides? Find out in our guide. 

What's in this guide?

What defines efficiency?

Oracle and SAP offer response SLAs, but they do not offer SLAs on resolution times; you won't know when (or if) your issue will be fixed.

Weak vendor promises

The vendors have ensured that their contracts state that they will 'aim' to fix problems. However, nothing is guaranteed.

How we help

Support Revolution provides response AND resolution SLAs. We guarantee your issues will be fixed or your money back.

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