Revolutionary Database Health Checks

Our Oracle Database Health Checks are provided free of charge to existing customers.

The reviews analyse your chosen system and then identify any problems suggesting corrective actions to be taken.

You may then wish to engage us to address some of these concerns or address them yourselves.

Space Management & Configuration

A review of your physical and logical data configuration and system capacity.

Backup and Recovery

A review of your database backup strategy and configuration.

Key Performance Metrics

A review of the key areas of database performance and configuration.

Database Security

A review of database user security and database vulnerabilities.

System and Database Monitoring

A review of any monitoring used for the database.

Key Findings Report

Once our work is complete, our “Key Findings Report” will highlight and prioritise our findings pinpointing areas that could adversely affect the availability, performance or security of the system if left unattended.


Our Oracle Database Health Check typically take a few days and the whole exercise, including sharing our findings, takes four weeks or less. Findings are given a severity rating which is examined further after the technical review.

Sound good? Request a Revolutionary Database Health Check today

Contact your Account Manager to ensure your systems are in tip-top shape.

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