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Quality support and consultancy for Oracle & SAP software

Support Revolution provides independent third-party support for your Oracle or SAP systems. Unlike the vendor, we support all versions and customisations of Oracle and SAP enterprise software and won’t force you to upgrade.

We provide our own in-house legislative and regulatory patches using our team’s extensive knowledge of Oracle and SAP systems, effectively replacing your vendor in the support relationship.

This give our customers amazing cost savings, freeing funds to be invested into digital transformation projects – all while improving the support quality on existing systems.

Why Choose Support Revolution?

Zero desupport dates

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over 50%

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Guaranteed incident resolution times

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Intimate knowledge on Oracle and SAP

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Improved support relationship

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Dedicated account manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

Third-party support is software support provided by another party other than the software vendor. Support Revolution replace Oracle or SAP in the support cycle.

Being compliant with Oracle / SAP licensing is something you should already be doing. If you are, you will be compliant before you leave Oracle / SAP support and after you join Support Revolution. You are simply choosing another partner to provide your support and maintenance instead of the vendor.

Of course! Many of our customers do exactly this Many of our customers do exactly this, and many have all of their older systems supported by us, and new Cloud systems supported by Oracle or SAP.

100%! We support all customisations for every Oracle & SAP product. With some customers having 10,000+ customisations we believe this is a necessity in a support relationship.

We regularly work alongside both first- and second-line support partners, if you have any questions about this or want to know if we have worked with your support partner before, please get in touch!

We support all versions of Oracle and SAP enterprise software, regularly supporting versions as old as Oracle Database 8i or systems as new as Oracle Database 21c.

Unlike the vendor’s quarterly security patching, at Support Revolution we believe patching should be far more regular. We provide rapid fixes for critical updates (usually within 24 hours of them being announced), and weekly updates for day-to-day changes.

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