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Inflation vs IT Budgets


A recent survey from the Office for National Statistics showed that 4 in 10 of organisations plan to absorb rising costs due to inflation and a further 2 in 10 planned to pass this cost increase onto customers. But what is the best way to ride out the inflation wave and stay competitive during this period? 

In our latest guide we cover our thoughts on inflation in the ERP market and what we are hearing from prospects on the matter. The guide is available below, ungated & ready to read!

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What's in this guide?

IT trends

What will IT leaders be focusing on and how will this benefit business continuity in a period of high inflation?

Addressing costs

How to get that much needed cash injection into your IT budget to negate any rising costs.

A wider impact

How will inflation impact not only the direct financial cost but the wider organisation as well?

Third-Party Difference

Why saving at least 50% on support costs can be just what your organisation needs to ease demand on cash flow.

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