ITProPortal: Cancel your Oracle Support auto-renewal

Cancel Oracle Autorenewal Payments

In this article for ITProPortal, Support Revolution’s CEO, Mark Smith, writes about Oracle’s auto-renewal policies and how they are a raw deal for organisations:

As consumers, we expect some services to auto-renew, and others to wait for our approval. Calling or filling in an online form to re-confirm our broadband or streaming TV subscription every month would certainly give us more control, but it would also be incredibly annoying. We’re used to certain types of services simply continuing until we say stop.

This convenience can, of course, work in favour of the service provider. Many can relate to the experience of being charged an unexpectedly high amount for another year of insurance cover, having missed the notice that this would increase. This often feels less like convenience and more like a company taking advantage of a customer’s inattention for profit.

Oracle ERP customers may be in for a similar surprise. In a change to policy, support contracts will now auto-renew rather than simply run out, unless 32 days’ notice is given.

Will this be seen as convenience or exploitation?

ITProPortal: One compelling reason to cancel your Oracle Support auto-renewal

In the full article, Mark argues why every Oracle customer should cancel their auto-renewal and stick with manual renewals, ensuring they protect their negotiating power and flexibility.