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JD Edwards overview

JD Edwards is an ERP product designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It was one of the first complete ERP systems; prior to this, separate software systems fulfilled the roles of HR, Financials, etc.

The history of JD Edwards

Jack Thompson, Dan Gregory, and Ed McVaney (the ‘J,’ ‘D,’ and the ‘Ed’ in JD Edwards) cofounded the company and produced its leading product JD Edwards World in the late 1970s. This product was revolutionary in the world of software, combining all the usual systems of HR, Financials, Distribution, and so on, into one, comprehensive platform: ERP. After new releases, JD Edwards World was renamed OneWorld.

JD Edwards went through a merger with PeopleSoft in 2003 and the product was renamed JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Then, PeopleSoft (and therefore, JD Edwards) was acquired by Oracle in 2005.

Common problems with JD Edwards

JD Edwards was designed for smaller organisations, and therefore, lacks the performance necessary for larger organisations. Despite being designed for smaller systems, it’s incredibly complicated and not very intuitive. There is quite a steep learning curve for new users and the interface is highly complex, filled with unnecessary options and fields.

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