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Revolutionary Managed Services

Revolutionary Managed Services is a logical next step for Support Revolution customers who are already using us for third-party support.

As a customer, you rely on us being there when something breaks. We’re essentially an insurance policy for you should something go wrong. 

But we have the experts you need to offer even more to your business, in three key areas.

Technical Support Services

Our technical experts are available at your beck and call, to fix any problems with your customisations, interfaces, or for any new development work that you need.

Total System Management

We keep your systems running efficiently and professionally, monitoring them in real-time and addressing space and performance issues before they affect you. We manage your backups, system clones and restores, disaster recovery checks, and offer regular health checks. For customers whose systems we manage in the Amazon or Microsoft Clouds, we offer a guaranteed Recovery Point Objective of 15 minutes and a Recovery Time Objective of 4 hours.

Functional Support Services

Full second line support for any functional issues that arise, offering support for month-end, year-end, payroll runs, 'How do I?' questions and more.

How it works

If you currently use another vendor or an in-house team to provide second line support for your Oracle and SAP systems, then there is inevitably an amount of re-work as those teams diagnose and try to fix a problem before passing it on to us.

If you were to come straight to us, then there is no handover and no need for re-work. This allows us to provide a cheaper total cost for this support than other suppliers as we can take advantage of economies of scale when providing third-party support and second line support.

Keen? Get the Revolutionary Managed Services ball rolling

Contact your Account Manager to start the process.

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