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Gartner 2018 IaaS Magic Quadrant: See which Cloud offerings are the best…

Written by: Mark

11th June 2018

Gartner publishes it’s “Magic Quadrant” every year detailing their findings on various hot topics. One of the hottest from May 2018 is which Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) suppliers are viewed as the best choice. In their wisdom, Gartner suggests that Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are way out in front, with Oracle… Read more »

Are you ready with your new tax year payroll patches?

Written by: Kiran Gorajala

11th January 2018

Christmas has come and gone, the New Year is well underway, and the end of the financial year is looming. This is an important time, with preparations for the start of the new tax year beginning on 6th April, when new payroll tax legislation comes into force. That’s only 3 months away – have you… Read more »

Gartner Symposium – Barcelona here we come

Written by: Jordan Smith

25th October 2017

It’s been a busy summer for the Support Revolution Marketing team, with no rest as we come in to autumn and the exhibition season. We have Halloween to look forward to at the end of the month – we hope you’re not experiencing too many nightmares with Oracle or SAP support at the moment, but… Read more »

Gartner Presentation: How a financial services organisation de-risked their Oracle support and saved millions

Written by: Mark

28th September 2017

A week ago, on 21st September 2017, it was my great honour to speak to a gathering of Gartner’s clients at the IT Financial, Procurement & Asset Management Summit in London. Many organisations turn to Gartner when they need independent expertise and advice on the latest trends and their recommended suppliers, and so it was… Read more »

About to renew your SAP support & maintenance?

Written by: Jordan Smith

19th July 2017

Want to Cut Your Fees in Half and significantly improve the level of support you receive? Then read on… As December approaches, SAP customers are about to renew their support and maintenance contracts and become locked in to their 2018 agreement with the vendor for another year. If, however, customers want to move away from… Read more »

Public Sector: Find us on these frameworks…

Written by: Mark

11th July 2017

Good news! If you are a Public Sector customer and would like to take advantage of the fantastic levels of service and massive cost savings available from Support Revolution, you can now access our services in any number of ways. Our services are now available on the latest version of G-Cloud, via the Crown Commercial… Read more »

Oracle & SAP security patching failings highlighted by ‘WannaCry’

Written by: Kiran Gorajala

3rd July 2017

The recent WannaCry ransomware attack affected many organisations from both the public and private sectors across all continents. It targeted IT systems by encrypting data, then demanded ransom payments in untraceable Bitcoin. May’s attacks were thought to have infected over 230,000 computerised systems in over 150 countries, with the UK’s NHS widely affected and reports… Read more »

SAP ability to resell Oracle DBMS licenses – due to expire 31 December 2017

Written by: Kiran Gorajala

29th June 2017

Back in December 2014, SAP and Oracle extended their agreement for a further 3 years to allow SAP customers to buy Oracle runtime DBMS licenses from SAP. However, what they also did as part of this deal was to increase the cost of these licenses from 15% of SAV (SAP Application Value) to 19%. SAP… Read more »

How the smooth transition from Oracle or SAP to Support Revolution really works

Written by: Jordan Smith

5th June 2017

Ever wondered how we move a customer away from Oracle or SAP to our service? Here’s how . . .  We treat each and every migration as a project, run by a professional and hugely experienced member of our Project Management Team. We use a standard methodology and standard project plan, adjusted to meet the… Read more »

OBIEE – not the only alternative for disappointed Discoverer users

Written by: Jordan Smith

15th May 2017

I have been out visiting customers again this week – for those who know me well, you might think, ‘what exotic parts of the world has he been to this time?’ I didn’t get to leave our shores, but did have a very interesting customer meeting in London. So where am I going with this… Read more »

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