Miniguide: Oracle E-Business Suite

In this miniguide, we dive into what Oracle E-Business Suite is, the product's history, and the common problems its customers tend to face.

E-Business Suite is a set of ERP applications that can automate business processes within an organisation. It's one of the most widely used products in Oracle's portfolio, designed to help global organisations manage business operations and improve decision making. However, the product has been around since 1987 and there have been numerous iterations; the upgrade cycle is therefore exacerbated on this product.

E-Business Suite is probably Oracle's most widely used ERP suite, including a range of applications to suit the needs of global organisations from Financials to Inventory.

At first glance, it seems Oracle has endlessly innovated on E-Business Suite with multiple versions released , but it turns out that initial versions were full of errors and bugs that needed fixing.

Because there are so many versions, the common problem Oracle customers have of the constant upgrade cycle is certainly exaggerated, which is particularly an issue for customisations.

The endless upgrade cycle...

Not only are the multiple versions an issue, but you have to ensure the Oracle Database that your E-Business Suite sits on is up to date as well. Often, customers will find their recently updated version of E-Business Suite is no longer compatible with their Oracle Database, therefore requiring a double upgrade. Download the guide to discover how you can avoid the unnecessary amount of upgrades of your E-Business Suite.

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