Miniguide: SAP HANA

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In this miniguide, we dive into what SAP HANA is, the product's history, and the common problems its customers tend to face.

SAP HANA is SAP's in-memory database. It's usually used alongside S/4HANA, SAP's main ERP software. It enables customers to analyse data in seconds rather than weeks or even months. However, its uniqueness from other databases - the in-memory function - can also be its downfall for many customers. It requires specific hardware that's complicated and rather expensive. This hidden cost can be a real problem for on-premise customers.

SAP HANA is SAP's in-memory database, processing data in seconds rather than weeks or months. Customers primarily use it alongside S/4HANA, SAP's main ERP product.

SAP HANA was developed because SAP recognised that it was losing a substantial amount of revenue to its competitors, using SAP products on other databases.

The database requires very specific hardware; you can't use any server to run SAP HANA. It's expensive and complicated hardware too. This can be a big problem for on-premise customers.

The HANA hidden cost...

The expensive, specific and rather complicated hardware seems like an unavoidable hidden cost for an in-memory database, no matter which vendor developed it. However, we find it all too convenient that you can buy the expensive hardware from SAP. Has SAP developed SAP HANA for its customers...or for SAP? Read more below.

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