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Enterprise Times: Wirral Council saved >£100k in ERP support

Support Revolution has announced the ongoing success of its software maintenance and support contract with Wirral Council.

Wirral Council is in the middle of a £4,000,000 transformation program to update its systems. One of the considerations was whether to upgrade the existing Oracle EBS system. Instead it decided to defer upgrading and outsource its support and maintenance contract. After a competitive tender with one other bidder it decided to opt for Support Revolution following a review that was completed in June 2015.

Jeff Ashworth, Head of Digital at Wirral Council said: “The council had a choice of upgrading E-Business Suite in order to retain support or looking for support elsewhere. Initially we considered moving to an entirely new platform, which would have been very costly. With Support Revolution we’ve been able to retain support at a far more competitive price, and also have the advantage that the team knows the council and systems, making any support requests far easier to resolve.”

The saving equates to £112,000 a year, a significant sum for a cash strapped council. Ashworth commented: “The projected savings were £112,000 per year, making our three year target £336,000—the saving which has been reached this year! This will continue and total savings will be £448,000 by the end of the 4th year.”

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Steve Brooks, Enterprise Times, 15th March 2018

To find out more about the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral’s experience working with Support Revolution watch the video.

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