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ERP News: The SAP 2025 deadline will focus minds

Support Revolution’s CEO, Mark Smith, comments on ERP News’s latest article on the SAP 2025 deadline, and what it means for the organisations that it impacts.

“Six years to go, and SAP’s 2025 deadline still doesn’t seem to be convincing businesses to move to the Cloud. The ticking clock means that in 2019 many more businesses will start to make decisions on what to do about their legacy software. Many of them will decide to stick with what they have. Securing and supporting what a business knows to work is likely to beat rushing to the Cloud to meet a deadline. The 2025 deadline is having an effect, but not necessarily the one that SAP wants.”

ERP News: SAP’s 2025 deadline

The article goes on to question what the consequences are for ignoring the 2025 deadline:

“You could continue as is, without paying attention to the 2025 deadline, by making a few changes. Organisations could feel pressurised about the 2025 deadline. And at some point, they are right to feel so. The decision to move the system should be the client’s choice at the end of the day.”

“SAP’s 2025 deadline means not getting any updates, security or technical support anymore for the customers. But everything else will stay the same.”

ERP News: SAP’s 2025 deadline

So no updates, security or technical support? Luckily, third-party support can provide all these things for you at half the cost that SAP charges (use our savings calculator to see how much you could save). Not only that, but you get better support SLAs and security!

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