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ITProPortal: How the public sector can reduce IT spend

ITProPortal recently published an article featuring Support Revolution’s CEO, Mark Smith. Mark discusses how public sector organisations can reduce IT spend.

With the public sector’s IT infrastructure more complex than ever, knowing what to buy and the ROI of the purchase adds to the confusion. Yet, despite this complexity, industry insiders, commentators, and even the UK Government see room to free up budget within IT departments.

For example, in 2015, the Cabinet Office raised concerns about how much the public sector was spending on ERP software. This was after it came to light that the public sector was spending approximately £290 million on Oracle products. The spend has increased by the fact that there are so many versions of the software and support options and costs. This called for a review of cheaper alternatives.

The problem with finding a cheaper alternative is that it might not be that simple. ERP software is deeply embedded within the public sector. Simply switching to a more cost-friendly vendor could take considerable time to implement. It could cause unwelcome business disruption, and it may also limit its efficiency.

Nonetheless, ERP vendors like SAP and Oracle are charging 22% of licence fees for support and maintenance. The public sector could be overlooking significant savings. These savings are much needed by many organisations looking to receive premium support and maximise their IT budgets.

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ITProPortal, 8th August 2017

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