Support Revolution Expands Global Presence to Meet Growing Demand for Oracle and SAP Support

In response to the increased demand for third-party support services for Oracle and SAP, Support Revolution – a leading independent Oracle and SAP support provider – has announced a significant expansion of its global footprint.

Support Revolution opened several new offices in Singapore, South Africa, and Australia, to add to our offices in the U.K., United States, Canada, Dubai, and India.

These new geographies mean we will be providing organisations with cost-effective alternatives to Oracle and SAP support and maintenance no matter their location.

The decision to expand comes as organisations increasingly seek alternatives to traditional vendor support models, driven by a desire to reduce costs and maintain a premium level of support even on older legacy software versions that the vendors no longer support.

CEO of Support Revolution, Mark Smith, commented on the expansion, stating:

"We are thrilled to announce our global expansion as we continue to see a growing number of organisations looking for alternatives to costly vendor support. By establishing a stronger presence in key regions worldwide, we aim to better serve our clients and provide them with the high-quality support they need to make the most of their Oracle and SAP environments."

The new offices are strategically located in major business hubs across the globe, including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. This geographical spread ensures that Support Revolution can even more effectively reach and support organisations regardless of their location, offering them localised expertise and a tailored support service.

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Support Revolution’s third-party support services encompass a wide range of benefits, including up to a 90% reduction in your Oracle and SAP support bill, proactive and tailored security patches and fixes (quicker than the vendors!), guaranteed ticket resolution SLAs, support for all versions of your software, and much, much more.

By leveraging Support Revolution’s expertise, you’ll be maximising the value of your Oracle and SAP investments while taking back control of your IT roadmap.

Find out more about Support Revolution’s support services.

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