OBIEE – not the only alternative for disappointed Discoverer users

Oracle Discoverer

I have been out visiting customers again this week – for those who know me well, you might think, ‘what exotic parts of the world has he been to this time?’ I didn’t get to leave our shores, but did have a very interesting customer meeting in London.

So where am I going with this tale? . . . well, our conversation was around their reporting requirements and the challenges they are facing, in particular it was around Discoverer and what should they do in June when Oracle cease their support for the product?

Jon has been happy with Discoverer for years, or ‘centuries’ as he quoted to me, but does he really have to move to OBIEE and why does he need to spend so much to move? All are very valid questions and the interesting thing for me was that this was a similar conversation that I’d already had with 5 other customers in the past few of weeks. It’s a pretty hot topic at the moment.

I asked Jon if he was happy with Discoverer, to which he replied “yes, absolutely, it works and the users love it”, so I then challenged him on who is telling him to upgrade or change system. To which he replied, “every Oracle supplier who comes through the door”. “And the cost of this change?” I asked. In the region of half a million was quoted and it would not deliver the same level of functionality as currently available. “So, the answer is simple then isn’t it?” I added. He looked at me strangely, not sure if he was understanding me correctly. “Well, if something works, then why break or change it and why spend more?”

In this day and age, you don’t always need to be on the latest and greatest software version to be supported and, more importantly, you don’t need to follow the crowd. If there is a product that is built well, then it should last for years and deliver ongoing reliability.

So, coming back to Jon’s Discoverer question, hence why the answer is simple . . . it works reliably, it’s not broken and you can save budget by not changing systems. Plus you can still get support, not through Oracle, but through Support Revolution.

Oracle will not be creating any new patches for Discoverer 11gR1 or its E-Business Suite Discoverer-based content after June 2017, but there is another solution . . .

If Jon’s business, or yours for that matter, isn’t ready to move away from Discoverer just yet and would like to continue being fully supported on whatever version currently running, then join Support Revolution, we are here to help. We don’t believe Oracle should dictate when you move away from an application that a business depends upon; we provide third-party software support and maintenance for all Oracle applications and guaranty to save organisations between 50% and 90% when compared to current annual spend. Our services allow organisations to avoid forced upgrades and reduce expensive software maintenance costs.

And the good news – Jon is now organising the paperwork to add Discoverer to his portfolio of software that we support.

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