Oracle Fusion support

Oracle Fusion overview

Oracle Fusion or Cloud ERP is a set of ERP products thought to combine the functionalities of Oracle’s E-Business Suite with some of Oracle’s acquired products (JD Edwards, Siebel, and PeopleSoft). There are three parts to Oracle Fusion: Applications, Middleware, and Architecture.

The ERP suite is built on top of Fusion Middleware. Both layers implement the Oracle Fusion Architecture.

The history of Oracle Fusion

Oracle announced its suite of Fusion products after its ‘acquisition spree’ involving billions of dollars and several large software companies in 2005.

The idea for Fusion was a “fusion” of all the best features of all the products Oracle had just acquired. This included JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and Siebel. The product was officially launched in 2010. It was rebranded as Oracle ERP Cloud in 2012.

Common problems with Oracle Fusion

Fusion was commonly referred to as “confusion” in the early days, largely due to the fact that it took so long from Oracle’s initial announcement to get it to market. Since it took so long, customers upgraded their existing (on-premise) applications instead.

As time went on, Amazon and Microsoft launched their own Cloud hosting options which meant that Oracle’s legacy ERP customers could choose to move their existing on-premise apps to another (non-Oracle) Cloud.  From what we are seeing, very few customers are moving onto it and those that are considering it are also considering other non-Oracle Cloud ERP solutions, as they no longer feel tied to Oracle.

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