Oracle JD Edwards

JD Edwards is an ERP product designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It was one of the first complete ERP systems; prior to this, separate software systems fulfilled the roles of HR, financials, etc.

It was initially designed for small manufacturers, so it's certainly a niche product. It integrates well with digital technologies and provides a simplified user experience. However, because it was designed for smaller organisations, it lacks the performance necessary for larger estates.

JD Edwards was designed for smaller organisations, and therefore, lacks the performance necessary for larger estates. This can be a big problem for growing organisations.

Despite being designed for smaller systems, it’s incredibly complicated and not very intuitive. There is a steep learning curve for new users and the interface is highly complex.

The complexity of the product means customers need to invest a lot into training, which can be quite a large and hidden cost that comes with purchasing JD Edwards licences.

Complexities and costs

So it seems JD Edwards is immensely confusing, complex, and costly. However, for customers who have used the product for years, training is not such a big issue. The main issue can be that it's quite an old acquired product, and could therefore be subject to going out of support. Increased support costs come with this change with Oracle. Download this guide to find out how to protect yourself from increased costs.

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