Oracle job cuts: Will anyone be there to pick up the phone?

Oracle Job Cut Impacts

Last month Oracle laid off a large section of their workforce at short notice and with no warning. But what will Oracle job cuts mean for your ERP support?

They haven’t revealed how many employees have been cut, but various posters on, (a site for people affected by layoffs) have been giving insider info and tips, indicating that the total target is 10% of Oracle’s global headcount. Not only that, but insiders have also leaked several memos and stories of how the layoffs happened, and Oracle’s reasons for their decision:

“[The layoffs] will streamline our products and services, focus investments on our most strategic priorities, and help us to more effectively and rapidly deliver the full promise and reach of Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud.”

– Leaked internal note on

So Oracle is axing 10% of their staff to focus on Cloud?

A reporter at IEEE reached out to several ex-Oracle staff members to get their insights and to confirm the rumours, finding that Oracle was indeed restructuring to focus on Cloud – at the expense of their on-premise products which the majority of their customers are currently on.

“[One] employee said, the layoff process was handled very badly, with entire teams being ushered into conference rooms as groups and told that they no longer had jobs. This employee indicated that technical teams, particularly those involved in product development and focused on software development, data science, and engineering, seemed to take the biggest hit.”

– Ex-Oracle employee speaking with IEEE

Oracle isn’t alone in this however, SAP also announced its own job cuts earlier this year, with 4,400 of its 96,500 employees set to leave as part of a similar restructure.

It seems clear that both Oracle and SAP have their sights set on the Cloud and are willing to undermine their current product lines to reach it. This is despite the fact that numerous reports indicate that both companies have been exaggerating their cloud performance, with Oracle going so far to change its reporting methods last year to obscure its Cloud performance!

How will this impact you?

What insiders are making clear is that both Oracle and SAP are not focused on their on-prem and legacy customers.

We worry about the impact this will have on current customers, especially those paying high support costs to Oracle in the hopes that they will receive support, updates, patches, and improvements for the products that they have invested a lot of time and money into.

You can no longer expect top-tier support and updates from Oracle, so why are you paying top-tier prices?

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