Support Revolution provides independent third-party software support and maintenance for your Oracle systems. We provide our own legislative and regulatory patches to replace those that you previously received from the manufacturer.

We provide a personal level of service which includes a dedicated account management team who you will get to know personally, and provide regular management reports and onsite review meetings to ensure that you are completely delighted with our service and our teams’ performance.

Our sister company has over 20 years’ experience as an Oracle partner so if you need more Oracle licenses or more products, they are able to supply these licences at discounted rates should you need them.

We provide our own, expert support for any Oracle database version/release, from Oracle 8 right up to Oracle 19c, (the latest). We also offer a range of complementary services and can help you with any Oracle upgrade or to implement any new Oracle product or module.

We provide independent third-party support the following Oracle products:

Immediate and ongoing cost savings

Support Revolution provides independent third-party software support and maintenance at a much lower price than the manufacturer.

Our customers also enjoy the freedom of avoiding forced upgrades, continuing on their stable version for as long as they wish, achieving even greater savings.

Below is an example of the financial savings one long-standing customer has achieved by transferring their software support & maintenance services to Support Revolution.

Manufacturer cost (est.)Support Revolution cost
Total costs over 5 years£2 million£750K
Annual software support & maintenance cost£300K£150K
Upgrade costs (estimate)£500KNot required

When additional upgrade savings are also considered, a typical Support Revolution customer can achieve savings in excess of 75% and some have reported savings of 90% or more.

Our Support Services for Oracle software

At Support Revolution, we understand how important it is for you to have software support and maintenance that you can rely on; and that you want to be able to see the progress of resolutions as they happen.

Our software support services are wide-reaching, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive support and maintenance services available.

ServicesOracleSupport Revolution
Service RequestsYesYes
Legal & Regulatory PatchesYesYes
24 x 7 SupportYesYes
Cloud ServicesYesYes
Security patchingQuarterlyImmediately
Support for Customisations Yes
Support for Performance Issues Yes
Interface Support Yes
Monthly Service Reports Yes
Quarterly Account Management Meetings Yes
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Yes
Assigned Primary Support Contact Yes

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