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PeopleSoft overview

PeopleSoft is a set of applications and ERP products, mainly used by Human Resource departments (HR) in large organisations. It’s primarily known for its HCM application, but it does have others such as Financials. It’s owned by Oracle.

The history of PeopleSoft

Ken Morris and David Duffield cofounded PeopleSoft in 1987. They released their first fully integrated HR application suite in 1989. In 1992, PeopleSoft expanded its product range to include Financials, Distribution, and Manufacturing. In 2003, it merged with JD Edwards.

While PeopleSoft’s software was designed for large corporations, JD Edwards provided a similar product for smaller organisations, allowing the two companies to cover the market. PeopleSoft, along with JD Edwards, was acquired by Oracle in 2005.

Common problems with PeopleSoft

Arguably the biggest problem with PeopleSoft follows a similar pattern to most acquired Oracle products: lack of innovation. Workday is a relatively new HR tool whose owners looked at the outdated PeopleSoft software and decided they could do much better, so they built a brand new tool to suit the modern era. It was developed specifically for Cloud and it integrates with other products such as Salesforce.

PeopleSoft is yet another victim of Oracle’s ego. It can’t compete with the likes of Workday, a product that sees constant innovation, and it’s no longer the best HR application on the market.

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