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At Support Revolution, we’ve made it our mission to cut organisations’ Oracle/ SAP maintenance costs in half. With our help, organisations walk away from the vendors’ pressures to upgrade and their restrictive contracts, using the budget saved to invest in their futures instead. Over the last 22 years, we have only continued to grow with the third-party support market, expanding our services worldwide with offices in Europe, India, Dubai, and Russia. Throughout our organisation’s journey, we have always kept a close eye on the latest news in the ERP market. Occasionally, we like to contribute our own opinions and insight on recent events, which you can read below.

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Keep up to date with our latest thoughts on the industry - Third-Party Thursdays

We’ve launched a brand new weekly video series, hosted by Support Revolution’s CCO, Victoria Molloy. Each five-minute episode will cover the latest developments in the market, and what Oracle and SAP customers are doing to optimise their costs.