About to renew your SAP support & maintenance?

SAP support maintenance

Want to Cut Your Fees in Half and significantly improve the level of support you receive? Then read on…

As December approaches, SAP customers are about to renew their support and maintenance contracts and become locked in to their 2018 agreement with the vendor for another year. If, however, customers want to move away from vendor support they need to provide 90 days’ notice, so bringing any decision making forward to before the end of September.

SAP customers are likely to be paying up to 22% of their license fees to support and maintain their database and software for the next year, when they could be paying half that amount by moving across to Support Revolution.

Gartner have suggested that switching to a third-party for technical maintenance and support is one way of reducing costs and improving the quality of your support service and have predicted that up to 10% of enterprises will leverage a third-party for their on-premise ERP technical maintenance and support by 2020.

Many organisations have already moved their SAP support to Support Revolution. Enquiries are increasing each week, as customers approach this time of the year when they need to decide whether to invoke their 90-day termination clause with SAP.

Customers are choosing to move to Support Revolution to receive a more personal service, including:

  • Highly skilled and focussed support teams based in the UK, with local knowledge and expertise
  • A strict Service Level Agreement guaranteeing a high quality of service (we closed 99.3% of incidents before their target fix times over the last 6 months)
  • All necessary fixes and payroll patches, including support for all customisations you have made; and
  • Detailed service reports and regular onsite meetings for a truly personal service

Everything we do is ISO9001 (Quality), ISO27001 (Security) and ITIL accredited for a service you can rely upon and trust

  • By moving a SAP estate to Support Revolution, customers avoid mandatory upgrades, saving cost, time and business disruption
  • Support Revolution’s sister company is a SAP partner, and can provide access to wider consultancy services including Cloud migrations and provision of new licenses

. . . and the icing on the SAP cake, immediate and ongoing savings – cutting existing SAP support bills in half and only paying for software that you actually use, not the entire licensed estate.

See how our support compares with the vendor:

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The process of transitioning from SAP support across to Support Revolution is very simple, which we typically complete in 2-3 months.

If you want to consider moving to a dedicated, professional and more personal support of your SAP estate (or Oracle for that matter), and save at least 50% in the process, then it’s definitely worth having a conversation in the next few days so contact us. To move away from SAP support and improve service levels for 2018 you will most likely need to give them notice by the end of September.

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