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Retail-J overview

Retail-J is a Point of Sale (POS) system that was acquired by Oracle. It records sales data, tracks inventory, and processes payment transactions, as well as reporting sales performance. It can manage most of the critical business processes associated with commerce.

The history of Retail-J

Retail-J was founded by Mike Carrell. Carrell looked at the current software on the market that allowed tills to operate and communicate with back offices. There were lots of products for different aspects of the payment process, so he decided to build one product from scratch that would cover the whole process.

This became a three-tiered solution: software that managed transactions at the till, then at the store server, and finally at the central server for the customer.

Retail-J was owned by Torex which was acquired by Mycross, which was then finally acquired by Oracle.

Common problems with Retail-J

Retail-J runs on Java so a lot of customers complain about how slow the product can be at times.

It has also been shelved by Oracle and will no longer receive any investment or innovation. Retail-J (despite its slowness) is one of the best till operating software systems on the market, so for it to be left without any development is a big problem for its customers.

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