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SAP Business Warehouse Overview

SAP Business Warehouse overview SAP Business Warehouse is a data warehouse. It’s a similar product to SAP’s database products with the key difference being that it can process a large amount of data and run queries without affecting the day-to-day use of the system.

The history of SAP Business Warehouse

In 1997, SAP launched its first product for reporting and data warehousing called the Business Warehouse Information System. This changed to Business Warehouse in 2001. It is sometimes referred to as Business Intelligence as the name was changed in 2005, but it has since changed back to SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW). Business Intelligence is now used to refer to solutions from SAP BusinessObjects.

Common problems with SAP Business Warehouse

As the name would suggest, SAP Business Warehouse is a huge warehouse that usually holds a vast amount of data. Because of the size of the product, it’s highly complex, difficult to set up, and it’s a constant project for many organisations as new products and systems are deployed. It requires highly specialised (expensive) knowledge to keep it going and to develop reports. This can make it a very time (and money) consuming project.

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