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SAP BusinessObjects overview

SAP BusinessObjects is a reporting tool that can be plugged into Oracle or SAP databases to create reports. It’s simple to use and relatively easy to upgrade. Its main function is to provide helpful insights and an overview of a vast amount of data.

The history of SAP BusinessObjects

BusinessObjects was cofounded in France in 1990 by Bernard Liautaud and Denis Payre. It went public on NASDAQ in 1994, becoming the first European software company to be listed in the United States. It was released as a fairly niche product, but by 2005, it was making billions in revenue.

SAP purchased BusinessObjects in 2008. According to the mega-vendor, business analytics has since become a big portion of its revenues.

Common problems with SAP BusinessObjects

As with many SAP products, BusinessObjects is very expensive, but that isn’t the biggest problem with this product. There are countless licensing models for BusinessObjects. Combining this with SAP’s ‘indirect licences’ clause, it can be very difficult for organisations to navigate what they should and shouldn’t be licensed for.

Also, for larger organisations, once you’ve started using BusinessObjects, it becomes very difficult to use any other reporting tool later on. For example, if you’re running hundreds of reports and the organisation is reliant on these, when you move to a different platform, these all need to be rewritten. This process could take months if not years.

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