Third-Party Support for SAP Business Suite

Support Revolution provides independent third-party software support and maintenance for SAP Business Suite - saving you at least 50% on your current support costs, all whilst providing you with superior quality support for whatever version you are running.

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What is SAP Business Suite?

SAP Business Suite is a collection of business applications that integrate data, processes and activities with the goal of becoming more efficient and optimising business tasks. 

We provide support for all versions, customisations and areas of SAP Business Suite which also include:

  •     SAP SCM - Supply Chain Management 
  •     SAP CRM - Customer Relation Management 
  •     SAP SRM - Supplier Relation Management 
  •     SAP ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning 
  •     SAP PLM - Product Lifecycle Management

'The communication is fantastic, we can't fault it, and the support has been equal to - if not better - than what we've had before. We'd recommend it.'

IT Manager, Metropolitan Borough of Wirral

Why do you need third-party support for SAP Business Suite?


Move if you want to make massive cost savings:

  • You can save at least 50% on your current SAP Business Suite support costs with us
  • We'll work with you to identify and decomission any shelfware for additional savings
  • You will then save even more by avoiding unnecessary upgrades and patches

Move if you want to receive superior support:

  • You'll get 24/7 support, with a dedicated account manager and regular reporting
  • We have response and resolution SLAs for all categories of ticket (unlike SAP)
  • And in the rare case where we miss an SLA, we'll refund you with service credits

Move if you want to take back control of your IT strategy:

  • Choose if and when you upgrade as we support all versions and customisations
  • Apply patches in hours (not months) and with no downtime through virtual patching
  • Take advantage of our 20+ years experience in Oracle/SAP consultancy

Our team can transition you to third-party support in as little as three months. By filling in our form below, we'll contact you to explain our service, quote how much you could save on SAP Business Suite support, and answer any of your questions about us and our services:

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Compare support for SAP Business Suite

Feature SAP Support
Support Revolution
Service Requests Yes Yes
Patches Yes Yes
Legal & Regulatory Patches Yes Yes
24x7 Support Yes Yes
Cloud Services Yes Yes
Security Patching Monthly Immediately
Support for Customisations Yes
Support for Performance Issues Yes
Interface Support Yes
Monthly Service Reports Yes
Quarterly Account Management Meetings Yes
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Yes
Assigned Primary Support Contact Yes

'When I first heard about the Support Revolution offering, I thought it seemed too good to be true... Now we are using their service, I know it is true.'

IT Manager, Serco

Not sure? Download your guide to leaving SAP Business Suite

You probably have a lot of questions about whether leaving SAP Business Suite Support is right for your organisation - that's why we've written a guide to all the reasons why you should (and shouldn't) move to third-party support and how to do it.

  • Paying too much for SAP Business Suite Support?
  • Being forced into unwanted upgrades?
  • Frustrated by slow support resolution times?

Save between 50% and 90% on your SAP Business Suite Support by moving to a third-party provider, all whilst getting superior support. Moving to Support Revolution isn't a cheap alternative - it's a strategic choice.

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