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Siebel overview

Siebel is a system designed for customer relationship management (CRM) that is especially proficient at managing a large customer base that is contacted regularly. It was the dominant CRM system back in 2002, covering 45% of the market, but it hasn’t been as successful in recent years.

The history of Siebel

Siebel was founded in 1993, with its roots in sales automation and marketing before expanding into customer service. Its success exploded during the late 1990s, and as a result, the company was ranked the fastest growing organisation in the US in 1999 by Fortune magazine.

Thomas Siebel and Pat House were the cofounders, having previously worked for Oracle. Siebel was acquired by Oracle in 2005.

Common problems with Siebel

If you’re looking for a CRM system with exceptional reporting, deep analytics, and good dashboards, Siebel is not the system for you. Its reporting skills are very poor and the system relies on very old technologies. It seems (like all of the products Oracle bought in the mid-2000s) the acquisition of Siebel was a way for Oracle to cut off a competitor and continue to feed its own product line, rather than invest in the system that had taken most of the CRM market in the 90s.

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