Staying supported through COVID-19

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop and cause adverse effects worldwide, Support Revolution would like to provide a public update regarding our own services and team.

We are monitoring the situation as it progresses, and we are confident that we can continue delivering our exceptional services, while taking necessary measures to protect both our customers and our staff.

The two key points we want to make are:

  • Until further notice, our staff will be working remotely and not from our physical offices worldwide,
  • Our support service and business outputs will be unaffected due to our well-executed Business Continuity Plan.

Supporting our customers

Support Revolution is activating our Business Continuity Plan to ensure the highest level of security, uptime, resiliency, and availability of our support services in line with our ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications. We will ensure a consistent, compliant standard of service across all locations and from every employee.

With offices around the globe, we have the tools in place to ensure communication between employees and our customers is not disrupted. Our core hours are covered, and our ability to respond and act within our SLA’s remain unaffected. All customers who, like us, are operating throughout the pandemic can be assured that any incidents will be dealt with as normal.

Supporting our staff

Naturally, the health and safety of our employees remain paramount.

In response to the latest government updates across the globe, we have decided to close our physical offices for the time being. All Support Revolution employees will be working remotely until further notice. We will also try to minimise travel of our consultants and sales teams where possible.

We understand how important it is to keep employee engagement, motivation and morale up, and we will continue to ensure that this remains a top priority for Support Revolution.

The COVID-19 outbreak has presented a large, and unexpected challenge to the global market, and we can only assume that further complications may yet develop. However, I am confident that every member of Support Revolution will cooperatively maintain our excellent service levels. We shall continue to operate as we always have.

Mark Smith – CEO, Support Revolution

It is difficult to predict what (if any) additional effects may arise due to the Covid-19 pandemic; nevertheless, throughout this challenging time, we will work tremendously hard to provide the same, high level of service to all our customers.

Please contact us with any queries or concerns regarding our company or services.